The Slowdown of Russian Economic Growth

Дата публикации
Понедельник, 28.07.2014

B. Zamaraev, A. Kiiutsevskaia, A. Nazarova and E. Sukhanov

Problems of Economic Transition, 2014, vol. 57, issue 3, pages 13–56


In this article, we analyze the factors and circumstances behind the slowdown of Russia's economic growth. The recovery phase that followed the 2008-9 crisis has ended. The raw materials export model of production has reached its limit for rapid growth. The reduced flow of monetary and financial resources from abroad has affected the national economy at the macro level. The completion of a number of infrastructure investment projects and the reduction of government capital investments have slowed the growth of domestic demand. In the national economy the contours for the multiplication and long-term trajectory of Russian economic growth are beginning to appear, and they differ from the characteristics of the "bountiful" 2000s.



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