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Monitoring of Russia’s Economic Outlook No. 4(42) March 2017


Main topics of the issue: The execution of the Federal budget for 2016; Foreign trade in 2016: stabilization of exports and imports; Positive expectations: Russian industry in February 2017; Retail lending in 2016: growth owing to mortgage; Public perceptions of economic changes: the military, state security, and government officials turn out to be optimists.

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Monitoring of Russia’s Economic Outlook No. 3(41) February 2017


Main topics of the issue: Oil industry development: export at maximum; Industrial output dynamics in 2016: from stagnation to recovery – driven growth?; Loans in the agricultural sector: life under the new rules; Regional budgets: growth of revenues and fiscal discipline; Prices and the standard of living: food dependency.

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Monitoring of Russia’s Economic Outlook No. 2(40) February 2017


Main topics of the issue: Main trends and conclusions; Decline in surplus: balance of payments in 2016; The banking system in 2016: real income is falling; Overdue wage arrears remain low; December 2016: industry is looking for a way out of stagnation.

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Model Calculations of Short-Term Forecasts of Social and Economic Indices of the Russian Federation (November 2016)


This paper presents calculations of various economic indicators for the Russian Federation in the period from December 2016 to May 2017, which were performed using time series models developed as a result of research conducted by the Gaidar Institute over the past few years.

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Monitoring of Russia’s Economic Outlook No. 1(39) January 2017


Main topics of the issue: An onset of cyclical growth. macroeconomic forecast for 2016-2018; Inflation: 2016 results; Corporate lending by banks: the ongoing stagnation; Will Russia become food net exporter?

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