In view of the approaching 30th anniversary of the collapse of the USSR, senior fellow of the Carnegie Moscow Center Andrei Kolesnikov and writer Boris Minaev, the authors of the book “Yegor Gaidar. The Man from Another Place”, talked on the air of Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda about the main reformer of the 1990s - Yegor Gaidar, who has become the symbol and rallying banner of the liberal forces in Russia during this country’s critical years.

Yegor Gaidar is a unique character in the history of Russia, and so it is very difficult to write about him. In fact, his personality cannot be reduced to just one of his many hypostases of a politician, economist, scientist, legislator, or private person. An introvert by nature, Yegor Gaidar has so far frustrated all attempts to fit him into any set formula or to give him a precise definition. He remains a mystery that cannot be solved. A person of this magnitude deserves an objective and honest biography.

The authors of the book wanted to present Gaidar’s life in the context of truly great events, of which he was a witness and participant, and in a sense, also a creator. Only one thing is obvious: the works and days of Gaidar deserve to be known by everyone.

Elena Rykovtseva, editor and host of the program Face the Event, continued her series featuring the biography of Yegor Gaidar. On the air of Radio Liberty, she asked Andrei Kolesnikov detailed questions about Yegor Gaidar’s personal history and the history of his unfulfilled plan of radical tectonic reforms in Russia, described in Kolesnikov’s book “Yegor Gaidar. The Man from Another Place”.

Another guest of the program was Stanislav Belkovsky. Earlier, he had published his book “Repentance” that caused controversial reviews in the literary community. However, Stanislav Belkovsky explained that the book’s main character and events are fictional, its key theme being repentance, which, in his opinion, remains an issue of paramount importance for Russia.