The IEP – central department for the MIPT

After preliminary selection by competition students may receive specialized economic education at the central department of the MIPT; System analysis of the economy;.

 At present students of the III, IV and V courses are trained at this program (three groups of 10-15 persons). Training includes the required set of disciplines for master's program in Economics (micro - and macroeconomics, econometrics, Finance theory and others).

After additional selection strongest students beginning from the V-th course have the opportunity to listen to lectures of leading professors from Western universities and pass the exams on economic disciplines in the New Economic School (NES), which significantly increases the level of knowledge of students in the field of economic theory. In addition, compulsory component of the specialized economic education of students of the MIPT is research work (RW), during which students develop their analytical skills and expand their knowledge in selected specialized areas of economic theory.