On October 12, the “Shaninka” library at the Gaidar Institute hosted a presentation of the book "Egor Gaidar. The Man from Another Place" by Andrey Kolesnikov и Boris Minaev, published in the "Lives of Great People" series by Molodaya Gvardiya Publishers.


Opening the event, the moderator, Sergey Medvedev, professor at the Free University, addressed the audience with a welcoming speech. He underlined that the book is interesting not only as a biography of the visionary of economic reforms, but also as a historical document of the era that our society still cannot come to an agreement. It is a coherent and unbiased analysis of the 1990s phenomenon, where authors objectively examine the historical evolution of the country in the context of one man's biography. On the other hand, it is a very human document, including a large photographic archive, previously unknown life stories of Egor Gaidar, which emotional component makes one take a fresh look at the era of the 1990s.


Replying to moderator’s questions, Andrey Kolesnikov spoke about the title of the book –“Egor Gaidar. The Man from another Place.” This title combines several narratives. Politician, economist, researcher, visionary of economic reforms, essentially, Egor Gaidar has built the team that still defines the contours of the Russian economy. He gradually came into politics and was completely unlike the politicians of the 1980s. He was a man with a different mental organization, who understood the system; he was very actively involved in many programs, undertakings, intellectual discussions of that time. When a person of this kind appeared at the helm of a huge country, de facto becoming the prime minister, it came as a shock to some people, but to others, on the contrary, it was a pleasant shock, because a representative of intelligentsia came to power overnight and, regretfully, joined the frontline of a collapsing system. Gaidar was "the man from another place," the man not from the Soviet reality, who changed the surroundings. This caused both irritation and admiration; this is the point the authors wanted to emphasize in this title.

Boris Minaev added that this is not only a memoir of a personality, but this book is also about the unique freedom that Russia experienced in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when the unthinkable and the unexpected became possible. The book adds touches to the biographies of various famous politicians who took an audacious gesture toward the reality of choice and gained power.

Viktor Yaroshenko, Editor-in-Chief of “Vestnik Evropy”, Member of the Board of Trustees of the Gaidar Foundation, took part in the presentation. In his opening speech, he noted that for him the book means a lot and expressed hope for further development of this book.

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