Stage 12 (September 2009 - August 2010)

Macroeconomics issues

  • Analysis of Central Bank Independence in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe (P. Trunin, D. Kniazev, Satdarov)
  • Modeling the demand for money in the Russian economy in 1999–2008 (S. Drobyshevsky, G. Kuzmicheva, E. Sinelnikova, P. Trunin)
  • Analysis of the VAT administration in Russia and OECD countries. Feasible directions of the Tax Collection System Reform in RF (I. Sokolov, M. Kazakova, A. Knobel)

Real sector

  • Problems of Mineral Sector Taxation (Yu. Bobylev, M. Turuntseva)

Regional Development

  • Flypaper effect in fiscal behavior of regional authorities (V. Idrisova, L. Freinkman)

Political economy

  • Few Rules of Law Democracy prototypes’ Failures and Successes: market-friendly institutions arising in Europe case-studies (K. Yanovsky, S. Javoronkov, S. Shulgin, V. Stepanova)
  • Voluntary private supply of Public goods: incentives, outcomes and competitiveness (K. Yanovsky, S. Javoronkov)
  • Economic and Military Strategies of foreign challenges' response: since Cold War Sanctions till Antiterrorist Coalition (K. Yanovsky, S. Javoronkov, I. Zatkovetsky, D. Cherny, S. Shulgin)


Lawful Investigations