Stage 11 (September 2008 - August 2009)

Macroeconomy and Finances

  • Analysis of a possible "Bubble" Creation on the Russian Real Estate Market (S. Drobyshevskiy, S. Narkevich., E. Pikulina, D. Polevoy)
  • Modelling of temporal pattern of the Russian state bonds' interest rates in 2000-2008 (S. Drobyshevsky, O. Lugovoy, E. Astafyeva, N. Burkova)
  • Analysis of Structural and Business Component of the Tax Burden in Russian Economy (M. Kazakova, S. Sinelnikov-Murylev, P. Kadochnikov)
  • Analysis of Central bank independence in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe (S. Drobyshevsky, O. Lugovoy, E. Astafyeva, N.Burkova)
  • Modelling the demand for money in the Russian economy in 1999-2008 (S. Drobyshevsky, G. Kuzmitcheva, E. Sinelnikova, P. Trunin)

Institutional Development, Property and Corporate Governance

Real Sector

Political Economy

  • Analysis of Institutional Dynamics in the Economies in Transition (L. Freinkman, V. Dashkeev, M. Muftiahetdinova)

Lawful Investigations

  • Legal regulation of International transactions involving intellectual property (A. Zolotareva)