Academic Board is supreme administrative authority of the academic activity of the Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy. It consists of the leading researchers of the Institute as well as representatives of the scientific community.  

Gaidar Institute researchers members of the Academic Board

•    Drobyshevsky Sergey Mikhailovich, Doctor of Science (Econ.)
•    Radygin Alexander Dmitrievich, Doctor of Science (Econ.)
•    Sinelnikov-Murylev Sergey Germanovich,  Doctor of Science (Econ.)
•    Serova Evgenia Viktorovna, Doctor of Science (Econ.)
•    Starodubrovsky Viktor Georgievich, Doctor of Science (Econ.)
•    Tsymbal Vitaly Ivanovich, Doctor of Technical Sciences
•    Entov Revold Mikhailovich, Doctor of Science (Econ.), Academician of the RAS
•    Bobylev Yury Nikolaevich, Candidate of Science (Econ.)
•    Zolotareva Anna Borisovna, Candidate of Science (Law)
•    Izryadnova Olga Ivanovna, senior researcher
•    Kadochnikov Pavel Anatolievich, Candidate of Science (Econ.)
•    Lugovoy Oleg Valerievich, Candidate of Science (Econ.)
•    Malginov Georgiy Nikolaevich, Candidate of Science (Econ.)
•    Nazarov Vladimir Stanislavovich, Candidate of Science (Econ.)
•    Prikhodko Sergey Vadimovich, Candidate of Science (Econ.)
•    Starodubrovskaya Irina Viktorovna, Candidate of Science (Econ.)
•    Tsukhlo Sergey Vladimirovich, Candidate of Science (Econ.)
•    Yudin Alexander Davidovich, Candidate of Science (Econ.)
•    Yanovskiy Konstantin Eduardovich, Candidate of Science (Econ.)

Representatives of other organizations

•    Aganbegian Abel Gezevich – Academician of the RAS;
•    Danikov-Danilian Viktor Ivanovich – Corresponding member of the RAS, Doctor of Science (Econ.), Director of the Water Problems Institute of the RAS;
•    Dmitriev Mikhail Egonovich – Doctor of Science (Econ.), President of Economic Partnership ‘New Economic Growth (NEG)’;
•    Evstigneev Ruben Nikolaevich – Doctor of Science (Econ.), Professor, Director of Economic Transformation Theory Center, Institute of Economy RAS;
•    Mau Vladimir Alexandrovich – Doctor of Science (Econ.), Rector Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA);
•    Nosko Vladimir Petrovich – Candidate of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics), RANEPA/MSU;
•    Shishkin Sergey Vladimirovich – Doctor of Science (Econ.), Director Center for Health Policy, NRU HSE;
•    Yakobson Lev Il’ich – Doctor of Science (Econ.), First Vice-Rector, NRU HSE;
•    Yasin Evgeny Grigorievich – Doctor of Science (Econ.), Professor, Academic Supervisor of the NRU HSE;
•    Dabrowski, Marek– Professor of Economics, CASE.
Term of the Academic Board is 5 years.
In July 2016 Dr. Alexander Radygin was elected Chairman of the Gaidar Institute Academic Board for 2 years.

Academic Board Meetings