Budget Crisis in Russia

Publication date
Monday, 15.05.1995

Sergei Sinelnikov, Konstantin Reznikov

Warsaw: CASE Research Foundation

By the end of 1991 the Soviet Union ceased to exist and its former republics formed new, independent states. As an independent state, Russia has existed since 1992. This event defined the period under consideration in our study: 1991-1994. It was only in 1992 that the Russian budgetary system had to begin performing the entire range of functions characteristic of an independent state. Before that Russia was one of republics belonging to a federal state where finance was highly centralized. In our opinion, any attempts to reconstruct the Russian budget before 1992, taking into account all the amounts generated on its territory for both the Russian and state budgets cannot be correctly done due to lack of the necessary statistics.
Thus, as regards the period preceding 1992 our studies (except where specified) concern the budgetary system of the Soviet Union.



Budget Crisis in Russia
By Sergei Sinelnikov & Konstantin Reznikov
Warsaw, May 1995

Paper financed by the Ford Foundation (grant No: 930-1199)

CASE Research Foundation, Warsaw 1995
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