Yegor Gaidar presented his new book “A Long Time”

Publication date
Tuesday, 18.01.2005



MOSCOW, January 18. Presentation of the new book by Yegor Gaidar “A Long Time” took place. This is reported by “Rosbalt’ correspondent.
Doctor of Economics, Professor, Director of the Institute for the Economy in Transition, Yegor Gaidar said in his address at the presentation of his book “A Long Time” that we may not today, as 100 or 50 years ago, to be geared to mature economies and see in them a vision of our future. In his opinion, the experience of developed countries shows only a “picture” of our future problems, and we must get rid of illusions that with the market reforms Russia is moving to the stable and unchanged world. As it had been stressed by Gaidar, the world is being actively changed now, it experiences a “driving age” and has a number of deep internal problems.
There were just those problems to which Yegor Gaidar devoted his book: the global problems of developed countries and the present-day economic growth, and - challenges of to-day’s economic growth to be solved by Russia.



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