Relationships between Commercial Enterprises and Regional Authorities

Publication date
Saturday, 15.04.2000

A. Radygin G. Malginov K. Yanovsky

Progress report on the project “Reforming Regional Financial Systems” under the technical assistance project under the auspices of Know-How Fund

The working paper explores the relationships between enterprises and regional authorities in Perm Oblast. The paper aims to give a broad overview of the main issues in the interaction of the state authorities and the commercial sector, including the institutional framework of the regional political economy, the regime governing bankruptcies as well as licensing, etc. The concluding part of the paper looks at the issues of the relationships between businesses and the state within the context of the economic and administrative reforms that are presently under way in Russia. The lack of developed commercial and industrial infrastructure in Altai Republic precludes any useful comparable analysis of relationships between commercial enterprises and regional authorities. However, Annex 1 to the paper contains a brief review of the Republic’s economy. Further analysis of Altai’s economy is contained in the Working paper 9 “A Survey of Local Economies”.


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