Kalkül und Leidenschaft: Poetik des ökonomischen

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Joseph Vogl

Calculation and passion. The Poetics of the Economic Man

Translated to Russian by K. Loschevskiy; under scientific editing by A. Belobratov. Moscow, Gaidar Institute Press; Saint-Peterburg: Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences, SPbSU, 2022. – 656 p. – ("New economic thinking" series).

ISBN 978-5-93255-582-8

Of the many "new people" that the field of anthropological experiments of our time has generated, only the economic man has survived… This is enough to turn this type, its origin and the circumstances of its formation and development into a subject of historical analysis. Josef Fogl's research examines various interrelations between economics, political theory, anthropology, on the one hand, and literature and aesthetics – on the other, it draws a line from the Baroque to the Enlightenment and Romanticism and further up to the first decades of the XIX century. We are talking about the poetology of knowledge, referring both to the discursive strategies of economics, and to the economic content of literary forms, to the relationship of economic text and textual economics. Together they create the stage on which "homo oeconomicus" reigns from now on: as an instance intending to become nothing more than a person in general.