Stalin. Biografiya v dokumentakh (1878 – mart 1917) Chast' I: 1878 – leto 1907 goda

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Olga Edelman

Stalin. Biography in documents (1878 – March 1917). Part I. 1878 – summer of 1907 

Under the general editorship of S.V. Mironenko; scientific editing by A.A. Belykh. – Moscow: Gaidar Institute Press, 2021. – 656 p.

ISBN 978-5-93255-608-5

The book is devoted to the least studied, but surrounded by a lot of rumors and speculation, period in the biography of I. V. Stalin and is a combination of a research text and a documentary collection. The published set of documents quite fully reflects the body of sources on the pre-revolutionary biography of Stalin, and materials from both the main archives and from old, hard-to-access and forgotten publications are brought together. Based on this documentary array, the author describes the transformation of the young Tiflis Social Democrat Koba into a prominent Bolshevik of the all-Russian scale, Stalin. The book raises questions about the realities of the functioning of the revolutionary underground, ideological differences, the Bolsheviks ' use of the labor movement and revolutionary violence. What was the underground work that Stalin was engaged in, and with what experience did he approach 1917?