Sintez sovremennosti: ruiny GAHN i postdisciplinarnost'

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Ed. by N. Sazonov and A. Henning

Synthesis of Modernity: The Ruins of GAKhN and Postdisciplinarity

Moscow, Gaidar Institute Press, 2021. – 312 p. – (Logos magazine library).

ISBN 978-5-93255-605-4

How to live together? How to survive in the face of big problems? How to find a landmark when you completely lose the navigation tools? The situation from which all these questions arise is considered to be "modern". But what does it mean to be modern? How much is the latter enough of itself, is it able to do without reversals, displacements and time gaps?

This book is based on an anachronism. It confronts the current models of the response to the ever-increasing complexity of modern problems-postdisciplinarity, posthumanitarianism, universal intelligence-with the early Soviet developments of the State Academy of Art Sciences (GAKhN). The GAKhN, which ceased to exist almost a century ago, remains to this day an important resource for the methodological ideas of synthesis and the commonality of the most disparate theoretical and practical positions.

This is not a historical study. Any legacy and archive data is subject to displacement here, including being misused. This book can be considered as a collection of algorithms and theoretical schemes designed to be used and combined today.

The book was prepared during the Kunst-Forschung
project Ruhr University Bochum
in the framework of the Year of Germany in Russia 2020/2021
with the support of the German Research
Community (DFG, grant no. 386757512)

Author of the series V.V. Anashvili.