Obrazovatel'naya model' svobodnyh iskusstv i nauk: mirovoj i rossijskij opyt

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Ed. by A. Kudrin, D. Raskov, D. Kadochnikov

Educational model of Liberal Arts and Sciences: World and Russian experience

Moscow; Saint-Peterburg: Gaidar Institute Press; Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences, SPbSU, 2021. – 512 p.

ISBN 978-5-93255-600-9

The collection is devoted to the problems and prospects of the introduction and development in Russia of the educational model of liberal arts and sciences, also known as liberal education. The liberal arts and sciences date back to classical antiquity and aim at the ideal of a universally educated citizen, proficient in the arts of words, thought, and numbers. The modern modification of this model, the contours of which were formed in US universities by the end of the XIX century, includes such components as an individual learning trajectory, significant freedom of choice of courses, deferred choice of specialization, interactive pedagogy, and multidisciplinary approach. The authors of the articles included in the collection turn to the study of the experience and prospects for the introduction, application and development of this educational model in the global and Russian context.