Незнайка и космос капитализма

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Виктор Мазин, Александр Погребняк

Viktor Mazin, Alexander Pogrebnyak. Dunno and the cosmos of capitalism

Moscow, Gaidar Institute Press, 2016. – 320 p. – (Logos magazine library).

ISBN 978-5-93255-464-7

Psychoanalyst Viktor Mazin, philosopher Alexander Pogrebnyak and artist Irena Kuksenaite (all residents of St. Petersburg) decided to publicly admit their passion for the cycle about the unknown wonderful and not only children's writer Nikolai Nosov. They were driven to this step by the firm belief that the image of dunno, its intellectual counter – competence and moral anti-state, contains a resource that is so necessary for all of us today to survive in the cosmos, subordinated to the logic of modern capitalism-and tomorrow, perhaps, it will be useful for overcoming this monstrous projection of technoscience and administrative-managerial insanity! The reader is invited to once again make exciting and instructive trips to the Sunny city and to the moon, simultaneously engaging in psychoanalysis, philosophy, criticism of political economy and other vital practices of understanding the realities of today's Russian and world reality.

The originator of the series V. Anashvili.