Entov Revold M.

- Doctor of Economic Sciences, Academician of the RAS, Principal researcher

Date of birth: 23 March 1931
Tel.: (495) 629-4713
Fax: (495) 691-3594
Email: entov@iep.ru


•    Post graduate course at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Moscow (1957–1960);
•    Kharkov State University, economics department (1949–1954).


•    Order "For Merit to the Fatherland" IV grade (April 2012)
•    Golden Badge of Honor Higher School of Economics (September 2011)
•    Golden Badge of Honor Higher School of Economics (June 2011)
•    Letter of Commendation Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation (November 2007)
•    Letter of Commendation Higher School of Economics (November 2002)
•    Adam Smith Award – 1999
•    National State Academic Award – 1977

Professional Experience

•    1996 – present time: Principal researcher, Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy;
•    1993 – present time: Chairman of the Academic Board, professor NRU Higher School of Economics;
•    1969 – present time: professor, Lomonosov Moscow State University;
•    1961 – present time: Head of Chair, Institute of World Economy and International Relations.

Other occupations and membership in professional organizations

•    Member of editorial board of publications:
     "World Economy and International Relations ",
     "Economics and Mathematical Methods";
•    Member of the Russian Economics Association;
•    Full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Main research specialization

theory of finance, history of economic doctrines, macroeconomics, including budgetary and monetary policy, finance and credit, money circulation and Russian capital markets, econometrics, transition period economics, financial economics

Cooperation with state organizations

•    Member, National Committee for Economic Reforms (1990-1992)
•    Consultant, Ministry of Economy and other state bodies


Dr. Entov has more than 120 articles and other publications, including two reports for International Economics Association. Among others:

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•    State Company: sphere of demonstration of ‘state failures’ or market failures’? A. Radygin, R. Entov, Yu. Simachev. Voprosy Ekonomiki. № 1, 2015.

Course of lectures

•    Theory of finance (master course)
•    Financial markets in transition economy
•    Monetary theory (master course)
•    Theory of option and futures (post graduate)
•    History of economic thought for students of MIEF

Spheres of research for students’ supervision

•    Financial policy of firms
•    Criteria of financial transactions efficiency
•    Shares portfolio management
•    Research issues of financial markets efficiency