Davis, Christopher Mark

- Professor, Head of the International Research Department of Health Care Economics and Health Care Reform

- Professor, Head of the International Research Department of Health Care Economics and Health Care Reform, Center for Macroeconomics and Finance

Telephone number: (495) 629-47-13


  • Harvard College, Specialty 01.01.00 Mathematics
  • George Washington University, Specialty 08.00.05 Economics and National Economy Management (by branch and field of activity)
  • Postgraduate Education: 1980, Cambridge University, Specialty 08.00.01 Theory of Economics

Professional Interests

Non-market economy; production organization; military economics; healthcare economics


  1. Analysis of Foreign Experiences of Using Medical Saving Accounts and the Possibilities of Their Introduction in the Russian Federation / Co-authored by Davis C.M., Sisigina N.N., Nazarov V.S. Moscow. 2015. 136 p.
  2. Healthcare System Efficiency and Performance Assessment / Co-authored by Davis C.M., Nazarov В.С., Sisigina N.N., Gerry K.D., Polyakova A.G., Sokolov D.V. 2015. 71 p.
  3. Industrial Performance in the USSR: Influences of State Priorities, Economic System, Industrial Policies, and Hidden Processes, 1945-1980. London: 2014. 337 p.
  4. Medical Saving Accounts: Prospects for the Compulsory Medical Insurance System / Co-authored by Davis К.М., Nazarov В.С., Sisigina Н.Н. // Financial Research Institute. Financial Journal. 2014. No 2(20). P. 47-66.