A presentation and discussion of Richard Cantillon’s book “Essay on the Nature of Commerce in General”

On June 21, the Gaidar Institute Publishing House held the “Cantillon Rediscovered” discussion and presented Richard Cantillon’s “Essay on the Nature of Commerce in General” published in 2024.

Richard Cantillon is rightfully considered one of the founders of economics. His essay “Essai sur la Nature du Commerce en Général” (“Essay on the Nature of Commerce in General”) played the role of an important ideological source in the key era of the formation of economics as a science. The ideas of the book became the basis of the “Economic Table” of the physiocrats, in many ways anticipating Malthus’s theory of population, classical theories of value and money, as well as theories of entrepreneurship and spatial economics.

With all this, the book was not translated in full into Russian before, and the personality and known circumstances of Richard Cantillon’s life were surrounded by many mysteries.

Therefore, the time has come to “rediscover Cantillon”, present the first complete translation of the “Essay” into Russian, and talk about it.


Translator of the book: Oleg I. Ananin, Candidate of Economic Sciences

Compiler of the “New Economic Thinking” series: Danila Y. Raskov, Candidate of Economic Sciences (online)

Moderator of the meeting: Vladimir S. Avtonomov, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The event was held in a combined format.

The mass media:

Above the Cradle of Political Economy. About Richard Cantillon's book "Essay on the Nature of Commerce" // Gorky Media, June 26, 2024.