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Monitoring of Russia’s Economic Outlook No.2(63) February 2018


Main topics of the issue: Russia’s economic growth characteristics in 2017-2018: incentives and constraints; Russia’s balance of payments 2017: steady BOP position; Import substitution in industry over the period 2014-2017: imports have retained their share; The banking sector: the year’s contradictory results; The mortality rate in Russia: what do the 2017 data mean? 

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Model Calculations of Short-Term Forecasts of Social and Economic Indices of the Russian Federation (June 2017)


This paper presents calculations of various economic indicators for the Russian Federation in July–December of 2017, which were performed using time series models developed as a result of research conducted by the Gaidar Institute over the past few years.

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Monitoring of Russia’s Economic Outlook No.1(62) January 2018


Main topics of the issue: Socioeconomic development and budget status of Russian regions in 2017; Migration of skilled workers to Russia: balance of losses and gains; Foreign exchange regulation amendments; The effect of anti-sanctions: modified geography of the imports and traffic flows.

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Monitoring of Russia’s Economic Outlook No.23(61) December 2017


Main topics of the issue: Growth in consumer lending as a temporary source of well-being; Russian inflation keeps tumbling; Global oil market: output cuts and prices; Russian industry in H2 2017: hovering between pessimism and optimism.

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Monitoring of Russia’s Economic Outlook No.22(60) December 2017


Main topics of the issue: Foreign direct investments: renewed growth amid sanctions; The standard of living: incomes, wages and lending in regions; Teachers’ salaries: stagnation and dissatisfaction; Short-term GDP forecasting: how can its quality be improved?

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Заслушан доклад Зам. Министра по налогам и сборам РФ Мишустина М.В. "О работе по совершенствованию налогового законодательства".