13 stage (September 2010 - December 2011)

  • Taxation of profits of enterprises after the reforms of 2001: analysis of the results of the reform, the assessment of the extent of evasion (S. Sinelnikov-Murylev, P. Kadochnikov, G. Idrisov),
  •  Prediction of greenhouse gases exhaust in the power industry on the basis of the model of the representative energy system RU-TIMES (O. Lugovoy, G. Safonov),
  • Innovations in the sphere of cash payments and the demand for money in Russia (Ye. Sinelnikova-Muryleva), Effects of the application of non-tariff regulation measures in foreign trade (V. Idrisova),
  • Strategy of development of old industrial cities: international experience and prospects in Russia. Development of competition in Russian industry in 2003-2009 (I. Starodubrovskaya, D. Lobodanova, L. Borisova, A. Filushina).
  • Actual problems of interbudgetary relations in the Russian Federation (V. Nazarov, A. Alaev, A. Zarubin, A. Mamedov, A. Siluanov). Evaluation of the factors of stability of the Russian banks in 2007 - 2009 (S. Drobyshevsky, A. Zubarev).
  • Assessment of the impact of government spending on the quality of General education in the Russian Federation. Russian exports: trends and prospects (I. Sokolov, A. Кнобель, Ye. Hudko, editor - S. Sinelnikov-Murylev).
  • The dynamics and efficiency of the privatization process in Russia: theoretical and practical aspects (A. Radygin, R. Entov, Ye. Apevalova, G. Ilyasova, G. Malginov, Y. Simachev, M. Kuzyk,, A. Abramov).
  • Ownership on the grasslands: problems, discussions, experience (T. Intigrinov). Assessment of the potential volume of GDP of the Russian Federation (M. Kazakova, S. Sinelnikov-Murylev).
  •  Russian exports: trends and prospects (S. Prikhodko, N. Volovik, R. Volkov, A. Pakhomov).