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Russian Economy in 2015. Trends and Outlooks. (Issue 37) Russian Economy in 2015. Trends and Outlooks. (Issue 37)


The review provides a detailed analysis of main trends in Russia's economy in 2015. The paper contains 6 big sections that highlight single aspects of Russia's economic development: the socio-political context; the monetary and credit spheres; financial sphere; the real sector; social sphere; institutional challenges. The paper employs a huge mass of statistical data that forms the basis of original computation and numerous charts.

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Online Monitoring of Russia’s Economic Outlook No. 13(31) August 2016


Main topics of the issue: Balance of payments: January-June 2016 - Regional budgets: debt reductions amid austerity - Income, poverty and prices: trends of 2016 - Banking sector: state banks generate all profit - Adaptability index of Russian industry: still at maximum

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Model Calculations of Short-Term Forecasts of Social and Economic Indices of the Russian Federation (June 2016)


This paper presents calculations of various economic indicators for the Russian Federation in the period from July to December 2016, which were performed using time series models developed as a result of research conducted by the Gaidar Institute over the past few years.

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Online Monitoring of Russia’s Economic Outlook No.12(30) July 2016


Main topics of the issue: Passthrough effect: rise in prices in Q3 will slow down; Russia’s exports in January-May 2016: factors of decline; Sources of fixed investment: characteristics of investment pause; Strategies of financial behaviour of the population: under the pressure of “newsdriven economy”.

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Russian Economic Developments №7, 2016 Russian Economic Developments №7, 2016


Macroeconomic forecast for 2016–2018: the economy is passing through the lowest point of the current crisis - Monetary policy of the Russian Central Bank: risks and limitations - There are no preconditions for the investment growth in Russia - Fixed capital investment in Q1 2016 - The Russian economy in expectation of growth - Oil sector: potential for tax incentives - Russian exports to the EU: a general decline with mixed trends - “Anti-turkish embargo”: who lost the most? - Trade restrictions hamper world trade growth - Population’s social sentiment, Q2 2016 - Brexit results: macroeconomic risks - Brexit and trade and economic relations between Russia and the UK - Post-brexit Britain: its relations with the EU and its future in the framework of multilateral institutions.

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