Kazenin Konstantin I.

- Candidate of science (Philology), senior researcher, Center for Political Economy and Regional Development

E-mail: kz@iep.ru


•    1988–1993: graduate of the Philological department at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, theoretical and applied linguistics;
•    1993–1997: post graduate course, theoretical and applied linguistics, Philological department at the MSU;
•    1995–1996: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Employment record

•    2012 – present: senior researcher at the Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy;
•    2012 – present time: senior researcher, acting director of the Center for Regional Studies and Urban Planning at RANEPA;
•    1997–2012: senior lecturer, assistant professor at the theoretical and applied linguistics department of the Lomonosov MSU;
•    2003–2009: managing editor, editor-in-chief of the information agency REGNUM;
•    2010–2012: analyst, Forum on Early Warning and Early Reaction (FEWER Eurasia).


•    Political, socio-economic, religious and linguistic environment in republics of the North Caucasus;
•    Institutional theory, informal institutions and competition of legal systems;
•    Features of ‘demographic transition’ in regions of the North Caucasus.

Participation in research projects

•    Land conflicts in the context of the prospects of agrarian sector development in the North Caucasus (2013);
•    North Caucasian city as a special phenomenon of urban planning (2013);
•    Analysis of competition of institutional regulators in the North Caucasus (2013);
•    The role of competition of institutional regulators in conflicts in the North Caucasus (2014);
•    Civil society in the North Caucasus (2014)

Conferences, seminars and round table discussions attended

•    Round table discussion “The North Caucasus: conflicts and development” (held by RAMCOM, research center). Paper: “On the state and prospects of conflict resolution in the Novolaks region of Dagestan”. 20 April 2014, Bekasovo (Moscow oblast);
•    Conference “The Caucasus: Regional, Ethnic and Religious Dimensions of Social Power in Contemporary Russian”. Paper: “Competition of legal systems in a modern North Caucasus». 23 May 2014, Gaidar Institute;
•    Expert Forum “Grey Caspian” (held by the Head and Government Administration of the Republic of Dagestan). Plenary panel presentation: “The role of traditional community organization in the rural area of contemporary Dagestan”. 21 May 2014, Makhachkala;
•    Research and practical conference “Islam and Christianity in the future of the peoples of the North Caucasus” (held by the Head and Government Administration of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic). Plenary panel presentation: “The role of alternative jurisdictions in the conflict resolution in the North Caucasus”. 29 July 2014, Cherkessk;
•    International politological forum “Russian Caucasus” (held by the RF State Duma, Government of the Republic of Dagestan, Institute of Sociology, RAS). Plenary panel presentation: “Post-Soviet transformation of the North Caucasus: return to the traditions or ‘invention of traditions’?”. 15 September 2014, Makhachkala;
•    Second International conference on political demography and social macrodynamics. Paper: «Conflicts and fertility in the North Caucasus”. 12 December 2014, RANEPA.


Over 100 op-ed on the North Caucasus issues. Within 1995-20010 – over 30 publications (including 2 monographs in co-authorship, 1 methodological manual) on theoretical linguistics, language typology, and languages of Dagestan.

Articles for 2009–2015:

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Foreign languages

English, German